Weekly Roundup: Caturday Vol. 1

Welcome to my favorite day of the week… CATurday (also occasionally known as Saturday). Once a week I’m going to take the time to sit back and reflect on the previous week but answering a couple of questions. Wanna participate in Caturday? Just follow the questions below!

Best day this week?

– By far, the best day this week was Tuesday, aka New Year’s Eve! I had an absolute blast with my friends and Tyler, though (as always) my favorite part was getting ready. We went to dinner, explored Manhattan and wound up in a biker’s club in the middle of nowhere and met some seriously fun people. My calves are still sore from running around in those six inch stilettos (eek!).

Worst moment this week?

– The worst moment this week is actually a pretty funny one if you aren’t me. My friend and I were coming back to her place after getting Starbucks, and it had snowed earlier in the week. Now, snow itself isn’t so bad, but it tends to melt and then refreeze overnight… meaning there are patches of ice EVERYWHERE. So I’m walking up the sidewalk, coffee in hand, not paying attention to where I’m walking, when I slip on this thick piece of ice. I fall right on my butt and my coffee flies out of my hand and into the snow. To make it even better, when my girlfriend was coming to help me get up (laughing the entire time of course) she started sliding on the ice too! It hurt so badly, and to make it a million times worse the neighbors saw the entire thing go down. #storyofmylife

What did you accomplish?

– I was a fairly productive little work monkey this week. I edited a ton of videos and put hours into getting this blog up and running! I’ve also been hard at work writing posts and such for the blog. I’ve decided to post on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, so I have lots of days to fill with good content! I also worked on a few freelancing jobs, one of my favorite odd jobs this week was captioning a movie for Netflix. It was called Sleepaway Camp 2, a horror movie from the 80’s. I was crying laughing while I worked on it!

What’s the plan for next week?

– Next week will be filled with lots more work and preparing to send Tyler of to WLC (Warrior Leadership Course). He’s going to be sent to the promotion board soon, but first he has to get this course out of the way! He’ll be gone for three whole weeks so I’ll spend lots of time with him and also getting the apartment cleaned up. When he leaves I’m going to take a few weeks to go home to Georgia, so I want us both to come home to a spotless apartment! I also have a ton of laundry to do. I also really want to make this Sloppy Joe Casserole recipe… Does that not look like the most decadent dinner you have ever seen?! I’m so excited.

Hope you enjoyed Volume 1 of the Caturday weekly roundup! Answer these questions on YOUR blog or in the comments below!

♡Your Loey

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Caturday Vol. 1

  1. Funny story…a few weeks ago you were in my dream (probably bc I had my own little marathon of your videos). I live in GA and you came to one of my family reunions and apparently you were my cousin and I had no idea! ❤

    • OK, this is going to sound so bizarre, but last night I had this dream that when I came home to GA I asked subscribers where they lived and visited each corner of GA where they were! It was SO random! Hahaha! ❤

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