Hello there! My name is Loey (like Zoey with an L). Lover of cosmetics, fashion and cats, I find myself frequenting the internet to talk about all of my favorite things. Whether it’s on this blog or my YouTube channel, LoeyLane, there’s always something to rave or rant about.

I’m originally from Georgia, but currently I’m living in Kansas with my husband, who is stationed here in the US Army. We have two fur babies, Luna, my thirteen-year-old orange tabby and Ezio, our Russian Blue/Siamese kitten. Currently I’m in college to be a nurse. I have an unhealthy amount of lipstick, I’ll kick your ass in Call of Duty and I am a classically trained singer. Care to follow me? I would love if you subscribed to my blog, and take a moment to check out my other links below.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Loey,
    You always look great. I wrote you an email to your business account. Just wanted to make sure I had the correct email address,

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