Weekly Roundup: Caturday Vol. 3

Oh, I want to be a good blogger. I do. In case you haven’t noticed, my blog isn’t monetized. I love YouTube, and if I start listing off all the reasons why I’ll never finish this post. But YouTube, while it is intensely fun, has also proven to be an actual part-time job for me. There’s a level of perfectionism I aim for in my videos. I want my blog to be a place I can just come to talk. I’m trying very hard to get back on schedule with these posts… and I appreciate your patience! Onto this week’s roundup.

Best day this week?

– Ironically, Saturday (which I wouldn’t have been able to include had I posted this on the day it was supposed to go up… haha). This week was sort of quiet for the most part, lots of work, getting projects moving and planning my trip home this month. Saturday was absolutely incredible. I hit 5,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel (!!!), Tyler and I had a lovely morning coffee date and that evening we went to a get-together at a local sports bar. One of the boys in Ty’s platoon leaves the Army on Monday, so we were seeing him off in the best way possible… by watching him get right trashed. 😛 I was horrified when the bill came, however! They charged an arm and a leg for shots (we’re talking like $7.00, I’m not joking). If you’re in the Manhattan area, steer clear of Willie’s! Service sucked, everything was SUPER pricey and the place wasn’t very well kept up with.

All of that aside, it was really fun to get to see everyone. Afterwards we went to our friends’ place, played Call of Duty and watched the snow fall. Those friends have the CUTEST son in the history of man… he was busy until bedtime showing me his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection and telling me how to properly kill aliens in Extinction mode on COD.

Worst moment this week?

– I’ve been experiencing a LOT of anxiety here recently. I’ve been a touch snappy and on edge. I can’t pinpoint an exact moment that sucked worse than the others, but I just know I’ve been a little irritable lately. Tyler is a freaking Godsend and he knows me all too well. One of those days I was just kinda down in the dumps, he looked at me and said, “I want to reorganize this weekend.”

I THRIVE on change and organization, so this excited me way too much. After I finish this blog post I think we’re actually moving around the bedroom a bit. Can’t wait to show y’all!

What did you accomplish?

– Well, I got back in some photos from a local photographer I recently worked with, so I’m editing those here and there and getting them ready to put up on the blog (and also in my modeling portfolio). I answered a TON of freaking business emails that I’d just had piling up in my inbox for ages. I’m also puppy proofing the house for our now three-month-old husky puppy that we’ll be getting in the middle of this month, that took up a huge chunk of time this week. I did laundry, and that’s always an accomplishment.

What’s the plan for next week?

– Tyler has a few appointments next week, so I’ll be going with him to those. I have a lot of new products, things I’ve bought and also things I’ve received for PR purposes that I need to start testing so I can get videos up on them. We’re also looking at houses next week (EEEEEK). And I need to do something with the copious amount of raw spinach I have in the refrigerator, so it’s going to be an interesting week for salad.

I want to know what you did this week! Leave me comments below or copy and paste the questions into your own blog. Until next time, pretty loves.

♡Your Loey


The Curvy Diaries: Winter to Spring Lookbook

Hello my little snow puffs. As I’m typing this, it’s snowing and thundering and all sorts of grey outside. D: So it’s hard to imagine this Winter EVER transitioning to Spring, but today I uploaded my Winter to Spring lookbook! I’m very comfortable in my dark jeans and boots, so I kept a lot of the basics the same throughout all three outfits.

I love this top from the Bethany Mota line for Aeropostale. I got it on MASSIVE clearance (less than five dollars!) and didn’t really realize why it was so marked down until I got it home… there is a giant hole in the back of the arm area! I was so disappointed when I saw it and it’s extremely obvious, especially since the top is full lace. I’m probably never going to wear it out of the house, but I did think I’d get my use out of it for this lookbook (and if I can find another one, I’m totally snatching it up). My jeggings are American Eagle and my boots are from Payless. The top is such a standout piece that I kept the accessories simple, a gold roman numeral bracelet  from the Jamie Brooke Gallery and a vintage gold ring. This is the most wintery/dark outfit in the lookbook, but since the top is sheer, full lace, I think it’s also young and playful.
I LIVE in that button-down on chilly, rainy spring days! The colors are so bright and fun… not to mention it’s the softest, coziest flannel ever. It’s from Old Navy and I left the top two and bottom two buttons undone for a more casual look. I paired it with a pearl necklace from Forever21 (that you can’t really see in these pictures… sahrry.) to give it a ladylike touch, then wore the same jeggings and boots from my first outfit. This outfit is perfect for those chilly Spring mornings that turn into warm afternoons, because you can always wear a cute top underneath and just tie the flannel around your waist come lunchtime.

Alright, not going to lie, I’ve worn this outfit like, three times in the last month alone. I love this open knit grey sweater from Hollister, especially paired with my favorite mint green polka dot scarf from Forever21. With my dark blue jeggings and riding boots, it’s a cozy, cutesy outfit I can wear now and later on in the warmer months. It’s so cheerful and bright!

Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you beauties for being so patient with me while I’m getting back on the bandwagon of writing blog posts! It’s been a busy last two months, it’s going to be an even busier next two months… looks like this year is getting off on the right foot! 🙂 Love all of you to pieces.

♡Your Loey

Military Spouse Tag

Hi friends! So as I was sipping my morning coffee and looking through the blogs I follow, I stumbled across a post on my lovely friend Kristen’s blog, CameraKristen. I wasn’t planning on writing a post today since I have another beauty post going up tomorrow, but this looked like so much fun! I don’t talk frequently about Tyler or our marriage. Not from lack of wanting to (the man makes me so damn proud!) but because he’s really quite shy. So I’m going to answer a couple of questions for y’all about him & our marriage! Here we go!

1. How did you and your spouse meet?

We had a mutual friend who introduced us. Crush at first sight for me… not so much for him! Oh, he was such a bad boy with his long hair and piercings, and I was the straight A, totally sheltered daughter of two teachers. We became friends when I got into high school the next fall, we talked a lot in the mornings before school. By the time he asked me to be his girlfriend, I was smitten.

2. How old were you when you two met?

I was in eighth grade, which would have put him in tenth. 13 and 15… we were babies!

3. How long have you been together?

This is… tricky to answer honestly while not giving away too much information. So Tyler and I dated in high school for a year and a half. Life kind of got in the way, as it does, and we broke up in February his senior year. In April he enlisted. I was furious, heartbroken and terrified. It was one of those situations where we weren’t seeing anyone else, we were talking every single day but we weren’t really putting labels on each other. We continued like this on and off for four years. So my Freshman year of college, I’m dating this other guy, my first real “adult” relationship. And Tyler is dating this other girl, and we were kind of at this awkward point of trying to salvage what little bit of friendship we had left. But one day I just… I don’t know. I woke up and everything had changed. There was no huge life event that led me to feeling like this, but I just woke up and realized that if things stayed the way they were, we would end up on completely different paths, in completely different lives. He would eventually have a dog, a home, kids, a life with someone else. And I knew I didn’t want that to be someone else, I wanted it to be me.

It was a really complicated situation but we figured everything out and wound up getting back together in April of 2012. So, easy answer to this question… we’ve been on and off for seven years. But if you want an actual amount of time for how long we’ve been officially “together”, the combined time would be right around three years.

4. Where are you and your spouse originally from?

I’m from Georgia. He’s from Florida! Though we were both a bit nomadic in our upbringings, moving all over the place. Eventually we both wound up in Georgia for the majority of our teenage years.

5. How did you feel about him joining the military?

Oh lord. When it happened I was 16. And I was so freaked out. I was utterly terrified and I REALLY didn’t want to date someone in the military. For a long time I was really bitter, I barely spoke to him. And I’ll kind of delve more into this on the last question, but over time I started seeing this wild, crazy, rebellious boy turn into a man. That was when I began to feel a bit better about the situation and I started to understand exactly what the military was doing for him.

6. Where did your spouse go to Basic Training?

Fort Bragg.

7. Has your spouse ever been deployed?

Yes he has! For a year in Iraq. I’m still very grateful that was one of those times we were more or less “on” again, because we talked for the majority of it. That would have been my senior year of high school, so about three years ago. It was rough.

8. Ever been to his promotion ceremony?

Not yet… HOWEVER he just went through WLC and he’s going to IO school in March, then hopefully going to the promotion board right after. So hopefully I’ll be going to his E5 promotion ceremony VERY soon!

9. How long have you been a military wife?

A little over a year! I only announced it very recently to the public, on our one year anniversary. We have been married since December 28, 2012.

10. Did you marry him before or after he joined?

After, of course. We were extremely young when he enlisted.

This was the night he proposed! I’d been crying like crazy and I have NO idea why he’s mean mugging the camera… hahaha.

11. How did your husband propose?

Oh God. It was this running joke between our friends. Tyler literally asked me to marry him six times before I said yes (IN MY DEFENSE, four of them were when he was very, very drunk. Hahahaha). On the fifth one I genuinely didn’t think he was being serious. We were at this little restaurant in Oklahoma with two of our friends (that would later be our roommates) and he was acting so freaking fidgety. I didn’t really think much of it at the time, but after the meal, without ANY WARNING WHATSOEVER, he got down on one knee and presented this little plastic spider ring he’d purchased from one of those toy machines inside. And he asked me to marry him and I did the worst thing possible… I laughed. It seriously makes me cringe now, he told me he was going to give me the real ring a second later. And I completely thought he was joking. To say that he was devastated would be an understatement. When I realized he had been serious I was crushed! We had a long talk after that, a really serious one. Actually, later that evening, he proposed for the sixth and final time. It was beautiful and the words he said will forever give me chills. We both cried. A lot.  We’re a mess.

12. Where did you get married?

This one might be a bit long winded. We did a courthouse wedding for the time being, simply because at the time there was a LOT going on. My parents were getting divorced after being married for 23 years and everything was really, really messy. Honestly… I didn’t even tell them (or the world) that I was engaged for the longest time. I was legally married when I finally did. But it felt wrong to be like, “Hey, sorry about all the crap going on for you, sorry your whole world is falling apart, but look at me going through the happiest experience of my life!” I don’t know. It just didn’t feel right and I really, REALLY wanted to be married to Tyler. That was the one thing I knew, 1000000%. So we did it quietly with two friends there as witnesses and it was lovely. I’m still really excited to have a wedding one day, not having one isn’t an option for me. But I’ll remember that day forever.

13. How old were you two when you got married?

19 & 21.

14. Did he wear his uniform on his wedding day?

No, but he is planning to for our actual wedding. 😀

15. Where is your spouse currently stationed?

Fort Riley, Kansas.

16. Do you live on base?

Nope! Just off of it.

17. How long were you married when you had to go through your first separation?

Not even a full month. It was AWFUL. I had just moved to Kansas, we were living with two roommates and something really freaking crappy happened. We all stopped being friends and Tyler and I literally packed up all of our stuff that I had JUST moved there a week before and moved to the first apartment we could find. He left I think a week after we moved in. I was all alone in this new place, I didn’t know my way around and my two best friends weren’t my friends anymore. It was absolutely miserable.

18. What is your favorite base so far?

I’m guessing Fort Riley! We haven’t moved around yet, but I am seriously excited to start. Is that weird? I thrive on change and constant reinvention, so moving is one of my favorite things to do.

19. Do you think your spouse looks good in his uniform?

Can you seriously look at him and tell me he doesn’t? He’s always a hottie but I love the fact that I get to see him in that uniform every morning.

20. Do you think military life is more advanced than civilian life?

No? I think it’s a lot stricter. There’s an amount of discipline that comes with it for both my husband and I. I can’t be wild and crazy and make an ass out of myself because that makes him look bad. And he obviously has to behave as well. If you meant “advanced” as in faster-paced, I would totally agree with that. It’s matured me in a way I cannot begin to describe, and I know it’s DEFINITELY matured him.

21. Do you like the benefits you receive as a military dependent?

Definitely! No complaints here.

22. Do you have a lot of military wife friends?

Not a lot, no. It’s a little hard. I’m really young and a lot of them don’t take me seriously, even the ones that are only two years older than me. I don’t know how to explain it, I just feel like sometimes they talk to me like I’m a child. And in some ways, I am. I said before that military life has matured me, and it certainly has. But I’m still 20. I’m still a little crazy, a little impulsive and a little too loud. I’m NOT generalizing other military wives as being frigid or looking down on younger wives, I’ve met some people I’m really grateful to know and call my friends. (Talking to you, Kristen, Melissa and Sarah!) But I wouldn’t say I have a lot of them. I’m honestly more of a friend mother hen to my husband’s friends. I have soldiers over probably every night of the week. My guest room is their second bedroom, I frequently cook for them and play video games with them. I’m unimaginably grateful for that and my boys are the absolute loves of my life. I do really want more military wife friends though… submit your applications! 😉

23. What is the hardest part of the military life?

Being so far away from my family. Being in a place I, even after one year, don’t really know or like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to look back at this in a few years and remember it so fondly. But I miss being in Georgia and I miss my family and my friends. It’s also incredibly difficult in times like this where Tyler has month-long trainings back to back. People frequently tell me to suck it up, it’s only a month, but when they’re one right after another it’s really difficult.

24. Do you own military wife stuff?

I actually don’t! I’d like to, though. I own a lot of just Army themed stuff. And Air Force, as my dad was in the Air Force.

25. Do you support your spouse as a member of the military?

I feel like I might get a little emotional on this one. There are no words to express how proud I am of Tyler. How proud I am of what he does, of his enthusiasm and passion for both the work he does and actually being in the Army. But there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s really, REALLY hard to explain this and I hope no one takes me the wrong way, because it’s coming from an honest and very loving place. But if Tyler had not joined the Army, I’m certain we would not have wound up together. He is a very, very different person from who he was and when I look back at dating him in high school it feels like I was with an entirely different man. And I know that people just change and grow but in the town that we were from, not a lot of people get out. It’s one of those places where our teachers went to school there, along with our moms and dads. I NEVER wanted to stay there. And neither did he. The Army for him started as a way out and a job, but it has evolved into so, so much more. I love him being in the military. I will support him no matter what he chooses to do, but yes, I wholeheartedly support him as a member of the Army.

I’m not quite sure who to tag so if you’d like to do this, I’d love to see your answers!

♡Your Loey

Ulta Nail Polish in Peach Parfait & Boogie Nights

Wait a minute… I have a blog?!

Well, hi Curvy Diaries readers! Sorry I’ve all but disappeared from you. January was frantic, but too wonderful to even begin to explain. I’ll be doing a post to talk about everything and show you a TON of photos, but for now I want to share two new goodies I bought on my trip home. Ulta had their brand name nail polishes on sale for $2 apiece and I couldn’t resist. The colors I’ve tried from this line have been absolutely phenomenal, and so I grabbed two new ones.

The first shade is called Peach Parfait and it is a lovely, milky peach. It’s soft and pastel while still having that true peach color to it, and I love that it’s a cream finish. A lot of the times with more neon shades you get a matte finish that you HAVE to put a topcoat over, but this one remains shiny and beautiful. I used three coats to get it fully opaque. Then to coordinate with it I picked up Boogie Nights, a gold glitter sprinkled with flecks of pink and blue. It looks like a freakin’ party on your nails! This was opaque in two coats and doesn’t feel chunky or clumpy, though I put a top coat over mine.

Final verdict? You NEED the Ulta brand polishes. Several colors of them, actually. Do I think they’re worth the $6 they retail for? Probably. But I’d much rather wait until they go on sale for $2, which happens quite frequently. I highly recommend both of these shades for Spring. Do you love this range as well? Let me know any colors you’ve tried in the comments below!

♡Your Loey

The Ultimate Traveling Playlist


There’s something so magical about traveling, isn’t there? A latte in Atlanta, lunch in Princeton, macrons in St. Louis… all in the same day. But the part that’s not so fun is actually driving across half the country. To keep myself entertained, I downloaded well over a hundred new songs and wound up finding some new favorites. And so, as promised in my January Favorites video (watch it above!) I give you my ultimate traveling playlist. There’s some current pieces, some older, a little bit of everything. Enjoy!

Highway Don’t Care ft. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban – Tim McGraw

Dark Horse ft. Juicy J – Katy Perry

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Tennis Court – Lorde

I Don’t Want This Night to End – Luke Bryan

The Lady is a Tramp – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Problem – Natalia Kills

White Walls – Macklemore

Say Something –  A Great Big World

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – Fergie

Fantasie Impromptu – Chopin

A little on the shorter side but I didn’t wanna overwhelm y’all with all my music. What do you think? What songs have you been loving lately?

♡Your Loey

Weekly Roundup: Caturday Vol. 2

Phew… what a week it’s been. I don’t think I need much of an intro, so let’s jump straight in!

Best day this week?

– My best day this week was probably Monday. Tyler left for WLC (Warrior Leadership Course) on Wednesday, so Tuesday was a little teary on my end. Monday we cooked a really nice dinner, roasted lemon pepper chicken, baked beans, every veggie you could think of. I love colorful dinners, so it was really fun to not only cook with him but enjoy it with him. We stayed in, cuddled, watched Dexter and just talked. Perhaps that sounds silly and simple… but sometimes that’s all I need.

Worst moment this week?

– I know you’re expecting me to say Wednesday, but Thursday was SO horrible. I was so dang productive, filmed every video I could think of, worked basically from 8 until 3 non-stop. So as I’m getting ready for a lunch break, I notice Ezio trying to throw-up. This is the first time he’s ever done it since I’ve had him (he’s 5 months old) so I coddled him a little and kept a close eye on him. Maybe two hours later, we’re laying down when I feel a wet spot right by where he’s laying. I look down, and he’s drooling. Not the normal kind of “happy cat” drool… it was just straight, clear fluid and there was a lot of it. I was utterly terrified and called my mother-in-law (also vet extraordinaire) who told me to give him a bath and make sure he was eating and drinking. I hated the fact that I was alone with my poor, sickly boy, I hated the fact that Tyler was gone and everything just hit me all at once. I bawled all night.

Luckily for me, Ezio and I visited the vet the moment they opened this morning… Go figure, he stopped drooling the minute we walked in that vet’s office! The vet checked all his vitals and said he had no idea why Ezio was feeling so poorly, that perhaps whatever he’d caught was clearing up on its own. We made a follow-up appointment on the 14th just to ensure that everything is OK. Ezio stopped drooling last night, keep your fingers crossed it stays that way.

What did you accomplish?

– I filmed. I filmed a LOT. I wasn’t quite as good at keeping up with the blog and I’ll need to work harder at stockpiling some posts. I also sucked with freelancing this week, you best believe these fingers haven’t typed one article… Just been so stressed. But it was a great week for YouTube and I spent a lot of time getting stuff ready for next week. Which brings me to the following question…

What’s the plan for next week?

– It’s gonna be a busy one. I’m asking one of my friends to stay at the apartment with the cats, so I’m getting it nice and cleaned for that. On the 14th, Ezio returns to the vet and I have to take my car in for a quick service before I head out to Georgia. 15th I have a modeling shoot that’s going to take up the majority of my evening. Then the 16th I start the drive back home! This is all with Ezio’s health permitting of course, I won’t be going home and leaving a sick boy behind.

It’s been quite the week for me. I’d love to hear about yours! Leave me comments below or copy and paste the questions into your own blog. Until next time, pretty loves.

♡Your Loey

The Curvy Diaries: Cream Colored Ponies

This is the kind of outfit I want to take roughly a million photos in. Looking at it now, I just hear in my head…

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles.
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Maybe I’m a drama queen, but this coordinate combines everything I love into a basic, casual outfit that I feel super cute in. By the way, these photos were taken before I redid my ombre, so my roots are looking a little crazy!

My t-shirt is from Target. I’m a big fan of their basic layering T’s, especially this cream color. It goes with basically everything. My jeggings are American Eagle and my boots are from Payless. For accessories, I tied my favorite Charlotte Russe scarf into an infinity loop around my neck. I love that the cream and brown in the scarf really ties my outfit together and gives it more direction. I also wore my favorite tri-metal Michael Kors watch.

Do you have a favorite outfit that makes you sing musicals? 😉

♡Your Loey